Building Inspection Service
Broughman Commercial is the largest, unbiased company that offers building inspection in Queensland, Australia. We always perform hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial, building, & home inspections each month. Read More
Property Sales Services
Broughman Comerical has a dynamic team of sales people. We can provide accurate and realistic valuation of your property! Our dynamic sales teams manage the entire sales process for our sellers, from giving an accurate and realistic valuation of the property, through to advising on the most effective marketing strategy and managing the legal process once an offer has been accepted. Read More
Termite Removal Service
Here at Broughman Commercial, we always ensure that a properly installed chemical barrier prevents entry of foraging termites into the structure but does not eliminate the termite colony. It is worth noting that there have been so many cases where property owners are driven to desperation because of termites. Read More

Welcome To Broughman Commercial

Invest And Protect

home finalBroughman Commercial is committed in helping you make better insurance decisions and/or choices. We can help you in maintaining and protecting your investment!

With Broughman Commercial, we can make your life a bit easier. We are committed in helping you make better insurance decisions and/or choices. Our utmost goal is aid in maintaining and protecting your investment by way of proper regular maintenance, pest inspections and removal. We also provide consultations – be it small or large business – on properties to purchase as the business grows. Broughman Commercial is located at 37 Oxley St., Queensland 4157.

We Keep Your Properties Looking Great!

Our decorators are skilled, accredited craftsmen; working cleanly and quickly with minimum fuss or disruption, especially important when working within your home or business. Broughman Commercial decorators can help you choose the right materials for different applications; bathrooms & kitchens where moisture can be a problem or exterior finishes for durability and protection.

We Also Look After Your Electrics!

Here at Broughman Commercial, we only use a professional electrician. Our electricians are trained professionals, accredited through known and/or licensed organizations. We also comply with the latest repairing electrical equipment laws, as we believe that without electrical qualifications, it is something illegal in Australia. This is to protect you, as even straightforward wiring jobs need to be done correctly to avoid the risk of electrocution or fire.

Our Property Maintenance Services Are Reliable, Efficient and Cost effective

Our skilled, experienced and trustworthy engineers get the job done quickly and efficiently, minimizing hassle and making our clients’ lives that little bit easier. We cover a range of reactive, planned and preventative maintenance services including: electrical, gas, plumbing and heating, roofing, glazing, carpentry, alarms and CCTV. All in all we can install, fix, upgrade and maintain your property, keeping it in tip top condition at all times.

Don’t Panic – Broughman Commercial is Here!

If you have a problem, don’t fret and relax! Just give Broughman Commercial a call at (07) 3245-1819 and Arya Goldmen will be happy to serve you. Remember: we’ll be there as quick as we can. Besides, there is no call out fee, as our rates are transparent and all of our work is quoted in advance so you have peace of mind there will be no more surprises.

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